Versus Player Turns One!

Versus Player Turns One!

Happy Birthday to us!

In episode 28 of the Versus Player podcast (ALSO THERE ARE BANDITS), starting at the 10:51 point, we chat about the first year of Versus Player and celebrate the fun we’ve had gaming, couch co-op, creating, writing and hanging out.

We are celebrating December 2 as our birthday, as it was the day we popped up our very first podcast, Episode 1: No Cooperation.

Fun fact, before our “birthday” we had already recorded 3 episodes that have never seen the light of day under a different name and had our first article on the website, BATTLEFIELD 1: TWO WEEKS IN THE TRENCHES, already up on October 27 (5:07am Jase? What were you doing writing so early?!).

Cheers to another fun year and thanks to everyone who listens, reads and follows us on social media.

We’d love it if you reached out to us at (or literally anythingelse followed by and gave us some feedback about our podcast and the rest of it.

Happy gaming!