Podcast Vs. Player - 2 New Episodes Up!

Podcast Vs. Player – 2 New Episodes Up!

RTX and IGN Select Awards

TWO, that’s right, TWO new VERSUS PLAYER podcasts are up!

It’s been a big week for us at VERSUS PLAYER. We recorded a podcast earlier in the week, went to the IGN Select Awards Friday night and spent the weekend at RTX Sydney.

Versus Player Podcast
Episode 8

Episode 8: No Thank You RE7 and GG Good Game

The one where we talk about the highly unsettling Resident Evil 7, Good Game’s cancellation, games we’d love to see pursue a different style, our favourite Wii games, the end of FFXV (aka: Corridor Fantasy XV), our concerns with The Batman, more games, life and everything in-between.

Versus Player Podcast
Episode 9

Episode 9: IGN Select Awards and RTX Sydney Weekend

Join Jono, Joe, Jase and Jen this week for a different kind of podcast. This mashup of different days include our time at the IGN Select Awards where Uncharted 4 won GOTY and our RTX Sydney weekend. Pat from Surprise Attack games joins as a special guest, we sneak into a Nintendo Switch booth, Hideo Kojima and Greg Miller have a chat and and we give car-casting in the Joemobile a go!

You can listen to the podcasts here on our website or catch us on iTunes, Stitcher or Pocket Casts under Versus Player.

Happy gaming!

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