Be Part of Our GOTY 2017 Podcast

Be Part of Our GOTY 2017 Podcast

Play along yourself and pick your favourites of the year

The upcoming VERSUS PLAYER podcast will be our Game of the Year (GOTY) 2017 episode. This time around we thought it would be fun to have our listeners and readers be part of the show too.

The hope here is that we get a few comments below (or emails sent to and we can share and discuss your favourites on the podcast.

So what you’ll find below are the categories that we’ll be going through in the podcast. Feel free to give your picks for any or all of the categories. Jono, Jase and I will give up to a top 3 in each category (and honourable mentions in some cases).

The categories are:

  • Picks of Xbox Live Games with Gold games
  • Picks of PS+ Instant Game Collection games
  • Favourite game not released in 2017 that we played in 2017 for the first time
  • Favourite gaming moments (experience, level, surprises, etc.)
  • Favourite story
  • Favourite music/score
  • Favourite multiplayer
  • Most disappointing/worst game
  • Game released in 2017 that we missed but really, really want to play
  • Favourite movies
  • Favourite TV shows
  • Favourite nerdy purchases (collectables, toys, Lego, game collector’s editions, board games, tech, etc.)
  • Most anticipated 2018 games

We’ll also start off the podcast by looking over a few of the big news stories of 2017.

If you have any other ideas for categories or GOTYish stuff you want us to chat about, let us know!

You can check out our 2016 GOTY podcast here.

Happy gaming!

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9 Responses

  1. TV Shows (the only one I am sure about for the order is The Leftovers)

    The Leftovers
    Rick and Morty
    Handmaids Tale
    The Deuce
    Better Call Saul
    Mr Robot
    Game of Thrones
    Black Mirror
    Bojack Horseman
    Orange is the New Black
    Stranger Things
    The Americans

  2. I am going leave a random mix in the down there, some might be from 2016 as it is all a blur:

    Ark- So many highs lows in that game – shout out to beef supreme.
    Westworld – by fair the best show i have seen in a long time.
    Nidhog- possibly the best Multi player experience and challenge in such a simple game.
    Favourite Music score – Big shaq, Man’s not hot.

  3. Persona 5 gets my “game of the year” award. A very Japanese blend of dungeon crawler, crime mystery, and dating sim. The music, art and depth are all great.

    TV shows to watch this year:
    The OA
    Handmaid’s Tale
    Black Mirror (new season just came out, and it’s damn bleak)
    Stranger Things S2

  4. GOTY: Zelda Breath of the Wild
    Other Best Games: Stardew Valley (on the Switch); Nidhogg2; Think of the Children
    TV: GoT, Master of None, Stranger Things, Glow, Fargo, Silicon Valley, Survivor (US), Veep, Fear the walking dead
    Movies: John Wick 2, Wonder Woman, Baby Driver, Bladerunner 2049

  5. Throwing out some of my highlights of the year from your selected categories:

    GOTY – Though released in 2015, Witcher 3 would take my top spot for GOTY as I only got the chance to dive into it and its expansions mid last year. From its amazing combat mechanics, to its beautifully designed landscapes and scenery and compelling storyline, Witcher 3 takes this title hands down.

    Most disappointing/worst game – This is a tough one, a throw up between EA’s debacle with their heavily induced micro transactions in Star Wars Battlefront II or rushed failed attempted of Mass Effect Andromeda which most likely killed the Mass Effect franchise for good. Seems like whatever EA shoves their greedy little fingers into the outcome is always the same. How about Most Disappointing / Worst Publisher? EA

    Favourite multiplayer – Player Unknown: Battlegrounds – Not much is needed to be said about this.

    Most anticipated 2018 games – Monster Hunter: World. (Wish it came out on PC and/or Switch at the same time as the xbone release).

  6. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
    Favourite gaming moments – Winning an online race in GT Sport.
    Favourite story – Sonic Mania. Just kidding, Wolfenstein 2.
    Favourite music/score – Nier Automata.
    Favourite multiplayer – GT Sport.
    GAME OF THE YEAR – Horizon Zero Dawn
    Most disappointing/worst game – Star Wars Battlefront II (to be fair, I only played the beta).
    Game released in 2017 that we missed but really, really want to play – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.
    Favourite movies – Star Wars, I, Tonya and The Disaster Artist.
    Favourite TV shows – Manhunt: UNABOMBER.
    Favourite nerdy purchases – Boba Fett tiki mug from Zing!
    Most anticipated 2018 games – Really? C’mon… RDR2! Also Code Vein and Detroit: Become Human.

  7. Best PlayStation+ Games – Bound (PSVR), Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PSVR), Starblood Arena (PSVR), LittleBigPlanet 3, Tearaway Unfolded, Downwell. All very good freebies.
    Best old game played in 2017: Until Dawn – prompted by my love of the completely different “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood”, but both are great in their own ways.
    Best gaming moment: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, driving over the ridge at the beginning of Chapter 4, to see the open world stretch out ahead. A first for Uncharted, and surprisingly well realised for a franchise that traditionally funnels players down a set path.
    Best story: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – I find that stories are universally terrible in all video games, but at least this was a half-decent effort
    Best music/score: Destiny 2 for atmosphere, Cuphead for fun
    Best multiplayer: I hardly ever play multiplayer games, but Destiny 2 is done pretty well. And Nidhogg 2, obviously
    Best movie: Baby Driver
    Best TV show: Black Mirror
    Best nerdy purchase: Google Home
    Most disappointing game of 2017: Horizon – Zero Dawn
    Most anticipated games of 2018: Shadow of the Colossus, and Red Dead Redemption 2
    GOTY: Superhot (Runner-up: Resident Evil 7)
    Game released in 2017 that I want to play: Monument Valley 2

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