Double the podcast goodness

Normally here at VERSUS PLAYER we podcast once a fortnight, but we’ve broken the trend this past fortnight and gone two for two.

In Episode 13: Joe’s Sacrifice, we chat a about a bit of Shovel Knight, A King’s Tale, Zelda and Horizon plus XCOM 2. Also, Joe dies and Jase is finally at peace. It’s the one that’s a bit all over the shop.

In Episode 14: Old is New, we discuss the old days and games on the tip of our joystick. Joe almost dies again by choking on a snake and Jono is afraid of giant ants.

Like always, feel free to write in to to have your question read out and discussed on the show.

You can check out all our previous podcast episodes here, or by searching for VERSUS PLAYER on iTunes, Stitcher or PocketCasts.

Happy gaming!


When not playing with the kids or pottering in the garden, Joe is jumping between console and PC gaming, watching anime or sci-fi, reading comics or seeking out a new addition for his R2D2 collection.

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