How the length of Persona 5 is turning me away

If you have followed VERSUS PLAYER at all, you know we are all about balancing games with life and everything in-between. We’ve discussed game length plenty of times on our VERSUS PLAYER podcasts and the way we play games. I’m more of a main story completionist rather than a collect everything and delve into multiplayer for weeks kind of player.

I fully expect a role playing game to take upwards of 25 hours to complete (I’ve recently spent about 42 hours playing through Final Fantasy XV). 100 plus hours to complete Persona 5 on the other hand is really well above the upper limit for a gamer like me.

Let me start by saying I am absolutely LOVING my time with Persona 5. I was fortunate enough to pick up the game early and have been playing for a few hours pretty much every night since I got it. The characters are interesting, the story intriguing, the systems deep, the animated cutscenes are fantastic and the combat fun. Above all though, what I love most about the game is its style. Even the loading screens are cool.

Persona 5
Persona 5 oozes style

Value for money

If you can spend $1 for an hour of enjoyment, that’s fantastic value in my book. With a game as high quality as Persona 5, it’s incredible that there is just so much game here. Even at the 7 hour mark on my third night of playing, I was still pretty much in the tutorial of the game, with new systems introduced frequently.

It was on my fifth or so night of playing (where I was still getting the occasional tutorial section) that the enormity of the task ahead of me really hit home. I realised that if I dedicate my night time gaming hours exclusively to Persona 5 I won’t be playing anything much else for the next few months. I just don’t play games like that anymore. Now days I like to sample the wares, play the occasional game on my ever growing back log and I love doing things like spending time on Minecraft at night to surprise my son with new creations the next day. Let alone the many TV shows and all the anime I like to watch when the kids are in bed.

Persona 5
You could watch a heck of a lot of Anime instead

Wham, bam, thankyou ma’am

I’ve happily dropped a hefty chunk of change on games that I knew would only take me an hour or so to complete. One of my favourite games from last year, Inside, took me less than 4 hours to get through. Everyone’s favourite game, Journey, is what many would describe as a perfect 2 hours.

Games like The Order 1886 got quite a lot of negative coverage when it came out for a few reasons, one being the short length of the game. For those with limited gaming time, this was a positive.

At over 100 hours, I could play through the four Mass Effect games in the same time it would take me to complete Persona 5 and still have about 20 hours to spare.

Persona 5 just scares me as an older gamer. I really want to play it all the way through and see the journey the characters go through, but I know that I won’t anytime soon. If this was a game that I had back in my late teens to early twenties, I’d be all over it. But with other games, life and everything in-between (including how much I love writing and podcasting for VERSUS PLAYER), there’ll inevitably come a time when I’ve spent too long away from it and I just won’t remember the systems and story, like Jase with The Witcher 3.

Persona 5
The new king of JRPGs

Take your Time indeed

As the game constantly tells you to Take your time in one of its loading screens, I’m going to keep at Persona 5 and slowly chip away at it, but I won’t be playing it every night like I have been. Will I ever finish it, probably not, but I can see myself going back to it every now and then for months to come.

Atlas, I love your game and will always speak highly of it, but I’ll probably just read about how it all ends rather than see it for myself. You’ve given me too much of a good thing.

Happy gaming!

2 thoughts on “TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING”

  1. Completely agree with this! I bought this game on day one, but I’ve only put in around 5 hours. I could tell it was going to be huge so I’ve been trying to finish off my pile of shame and then I’ll tackle Persona 5! My pile of shame is truly shameful though…

    1. I finished Horizon Zero Dawn, finally played through the Order and now am on to Nier: Automata. I’ll get back to Persona 5 eventually…

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