The Jase is away, the Halo we play. Join Jono and Joe as they catch up on lots of gaming stories from the first quarter of 2019. As it's been a while since our last podcast, there is plenty to talk about, including Halo news, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Apex: Legends, Crackdown 3, Tetris 99, Kingdom Hearts 3, Just Cause 4, Game Pass, Evangelion and more. The guys also gush over Dropmix (late to the party, but wow!) and end the podcast with a brief spoilerific chat about Captain Marvel.

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Project Scorpio is Unveiled as Xbox One X The Xbox 2017 E3 Press Conference started off with what we all love most about E3... new hardware! Phil Spencer walked on stage with applause and cheering appropriate for the champion that he is. Every time he came back on. During the conference 42 games were shown, with¬†22 games with console exclusivity on Xbox One. This was an E3 Press Conference done right. Microsoft pumped the games out and it was glorious! Also,¬†original Xbox backwards compatibility for Xbox One! Probably the biggest cheer of the show. Oh, and updates to existing games so they look and play better on Xbox One X. This was a show and a half. Bravo Microsoft! Below are my highlights of the show, which really was the whole thing... Xbox One X The most powerful console ever made. Not only will this beast of a console make games look better on a 4K TV, it'll boost games on standard 1080p TVs. Microsoft went through all the impressive specs of the Xbox One X console, including the fact that it's the smallest Xbox ever. https://youtu.be/g-gp-Voq6MQ Forza Motorsport 7 As expected, a new Forza Motorsport is on the way. Also as expected, there was a car on stage. I'm not a car person, but I just love how this has become a…

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