No strings attached A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV is a free downloadable side-scroller beat 'em up. Think Castle Crashers crossed with Final Fantasy XV crossed with the original sprite based Final Fantasy games. A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV was originally a preorder bonus (yuck!), but now is being given away for free (yea!). Now this is nothing like most of the free-to-play offerings we get now days. While it's a short play at about one and a half hours, there are no microtransactions in sight, no ads, it's not a rip off of another game and it's not generic (although it does start off that way). https://youtu.be/tKJ_Ni4d5EE A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV. Throwbacks galore A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV breaths new life into the side-scrolling beat 'em up genre by adding in the fighting mechanics of Final Fantasy XV. This includes warp strikes, elemancy (magic), link strikes and a few little surprises. This makes combat fun and really sees the game stand on its own. As someone who played Final Fantasy XV right through, I feel that having the back story made the relationship in the story telling parts (parts that quite literally tell the story) have more impact, but it's really not necessary to have played Final Fantasy XV to enjoy A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV. Shorter than Kingsglaive The big shame here is…

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