64: X Not Gon’ Give It To Ya

Join Jono, Joe and Jase as they get angry about the next generation pre-order situation. Seriously, why is it so hard to give Microsoft and Sony our hard earned cash? I just want a new toy to play with…in saying that I don’t really know why I want one. I mean think about it right, there just isn’t anything coming out on release that’s worth playing. Sure I guess Cyberpunk would look real pretty with ray-tracing and all them teraflops but I could totally play it on my PC and it would look a whole lot better. For real there aren’t even any exclusives out and it’s not like my current consoles can’t pull their weight. In saying that I think the new Xbox Series X has the looks but where am I even going to fit the thing, it legit looks like one of those sweet all black Samsung fridges, you know the ones you see in TV commercials where the house looks completely fake. No chance I’d ever be able to afford one of those houses and even if I did how would I keep it clean? I suppose you would have a whole heap of those robot vacuums. Actually you would probably have a cleaner considering you would be rolling in all that cash. Rich people probably bought up all the consoles so the rest of us can’t enjoy them. Man, rich people am I right?

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