62: Podcast One Series XS

Join Jase, Joe and Jono as we switch it up this week with the host. We test a new podcasting platform that goes a little bit wrong but hopefully you don’t notice! This week we discuss the Xbox Series X vs S specs, Mario, Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer and more. Thanks for letting me try on the big boy pants this week Jono.

Two bits of news:

  1. Our podcast file sizes have shrunk considerably which means VP gets into your ears faster and at a reduced cost to your data plan.
  2. We are also introducing the Versus Player Patreon.

The Dollarydoo tier helps show your support for the show and keep our lights on. For a small gold coin you earn our gratitude and you can skip the queue in our future mailbag segment by sending an email to podcast@versusplayer.com.

Please consider becoming a Patreon for Versus Player here:

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