A small slice of gaming history

A few days ago, Omar Cornut uploaded a prototype demo for an unreleased Super Nintendo version of the first Rayman game. This is the same demo that Rayman creator Michel Ancel showed off on Instagram last October.

Cornut got the prototype of the game off Ancel and kindly popped it on Dropbox for the world to enjoy.

Now let’s be clear here, there is not much to see and it’ll take you longer to get everything started if you don’t already have a SNES emulator than it will take you to play through the prototype. All you can do is walk, jump and do some weird thing with your arms on a very small part of a stage. Oh, and you can make your body flatten when you jump up against something. That all said, this sort of thing is really cool and something that retro loving gamers like us at VERSUS PLAYER love to see.

Rayman SNES prototype demo
You’ve pretty much seen it all

You can download the Rayman SNES prototype demo by following the Dropbox link in the tweet above.

To play the game you need a SNES emulator. I used SNES9x to play it.

Happy gaming!



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