Nintendo Switch Indie Games (NINDIES) Showcase

Nintendo Switch Indie Games (NINDIES) Showcase

More to play than just Zelda

On our latest VERSUS PLAYER podcast, Ghost Recon and Halo Wars 2 Miss the Mark, we spoke about the upcoming Nintendo Switch indie games that were announced during the latest Nintendo Direct.

You can watch the whole thing here. Scroll past the video to see the full list of games and their time stamp.

00:10 – SteamWorld Dig 2
02:05 – What the Nindies Are All About
02:52 – Yooka-Laylee
04:09 – Overcooked!
04:49 – The Escapists 2
05:15 – Gonner
05:52 – Dandara
06:23 – Kingdom Two Crowns
06:45 – Runner 3
07:55 – Blaster Master Zero
08:44 – Flipping Death
09:59 – Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble Feature & Graceful Explosion Machine
10:38 – Mr. Shifty
11:06 – TumbleSeed
12:00 – Shakedown: Hawaii
13:29 – Pocket Rumble
14:23 – WarGroove
16:23 – Stardew Valley
17:00 – Looking Forward with Indie Games on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch indie games
Get your indie on!

Have you Switched over?

What do you think about this list of upcoming indie games? Let us know in the comments below or email us at

Happy gaming!

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