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In Episode 15: Star Bores, we discuss sci-fi and super heroes, Jase poorly explains why The Phantom Menace is the best Star Wars film, Jono and Joe finish the XCOM fight and we chat about Ghost in the Shell, the Lego Batman movie, Power Rangers, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Order 1886 and a bit about Persona 5.

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In Episode 16:┬áThe Rope, Jono needs some “consoling” as he gets angry with Disney, Joe professes his love for Nier Automata, we talk about video game piracy in the 80s and 90s, we chat about some of the latest releases and older games we’re playing and discuss the wonders of video game rope.

Versus Player rope

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When not playing with the kids or pottering in the garden, Joe is jumping between console and PC gaming, watching anime or sci-fi, reading comics or seeking out a new addition for his R2D2 collection.

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