The Gamesmen is worth a trip for Sydney folk

If you are at all interested in retro gaming and live in the Sydney area, then a trip to The Gamesmen in Penshurst is worth your time.

While the museum space is about the size of an average EB games, it’s packed to the brim. There are retro game consoles, other hardware, games and store displays. You can see pictures of parts of the collection above.

We headed out to The Gamesmen the other day and spent about 40 minutes looking through the museum collection and reminiscing over the many games on display.

There is also a large video game store, which is probably the draw-card for the locals.

The prices are about standard, but there are many products in the main store that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. These include fight sticks, controllers for simulation games, retro inspired (rip off) PC and Mac controllers, board games, plushies and a whole lot more.

Check out their website for opening hours and store details.

If you like gaming from all eras, then you might like our VERSUS PLAYER podcast. We talk about the new and old, with many a story to be told (no more rhymes now, I mean it).

Happy gaming!



When not playing with the kids or pottering in the garden, Joe is jumping between console and PC gaming, watching anime or sci-fi, reading comics or seeking out a new addition for his R2D2 collection.

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