Goodbye Good Game

Goodbye Good Game

Good Game¬†cancelled ūüôĀ

Today the sad news has hit that Australia’s favourite video game TV show,¬†Good Game, has been cancelled.

Good Game cancelled
Official Statement

With over 400 episodes spanning over 10 years, Good Game has been a staple of the Australian gaming landscape and a huge positive force in championing this hobby we all love so much.

Good Game¬†will live on as¬†Spawn Point¬†(the show for younger gamers, by gamers)¬†will continue, but THE¬†Good Game¬†that we all know and love will be no more.¬†And I know I’m not alone in feeling very saddened by this news.

So long and thanks for all the FISH

Good Game started as a somewhat underground style TV show back in 2006, with hosts Jeremy Ray (Junglist) and Michael Makowski (Kapowski). The show progressed over the years from a somewhat in-your-face style, to the more refined, but still very charming, informative and funny show it was at the end.

I was pretty much just starting my career when the show went on air and have felt that while the show has changed over the years,¬†it’s always been entertaining. Not only that, but¬†Good Game was a credible source of information and consistent in the depth of reviews. You also got to know the reviewers and their specific interests (Bajo = graphics, Dark Souls, multiplayer, not walking simulator…). The introduction of co-hosts, who all filled their own unique niche, made sure every episode had something for everyone.

Makowski left the show early on, to be replaced by the longest standing host on the show, Steven O’Donnell (Bajo). In 2009 Ray left, amidst lots of dismay from his passionate fans, and was replaced by Stephanie Bendixsen (Hex).

Hex and Bajo were the lifeblood of the show for the past seven years and have been wonderful ambassadors for us gamers, as has the show itself.


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Hex, Bajo and Junglist over the years. I first met Bajo and Junglist in the early days when they were both on the show and they seemed so chuffed to chat with a fan of the same age. I got to meet Bajo at a few different events and every time he was just a champion of a guy. Witty, interested and really friendly.

I met Hex once a few years ago and only for a few minutes at an event, but she was really cool, friendly and warm. Hex was about to leave and she noticed that I saw her and knew who she was, so she came over and introduced herself and chatted. So nice.

Over the years I’ve been a fan in the audience at many¬†Good Game Live¬†performances.¬†I’ve got to enjoy the show in a different way as a father, laughing along at¬†Spawn Point (“Charging my kisses” is a frequent joke around my household). I’ve moved from watching the show every week as it aired on TV, to watching it on YouTube, along with Pocket.

I’m going to miss you¬†Good Game. I’m going to miss your wacky fun, your unique style and how cool you made us gamers look.

Thank you to everyone who made the show over the years. I’m sure that the talented folks who remain to work on¬†Good Game Spawn Point¬†will keep on creating a great show for younger gamers (and young at heart gamers). I also look forward to seeing where Hex and Nichboy end up.

From myself and all of us at Versus Player, good game Good Game.

Good Game cancelled