Go Get 'Em Bajo

Go Get 'Em Bajo

Full time champion is now also a full time streamer

So the year started with Good Game, Australia’s beloved gaming TV show, being cancelled. Spawn Point lived on with Bajo sticking around to entertain younger gamers (and plenty of older gamers who kept watching).

At the time I wrote a thank you to all those involved in the show, Goodbye Good Game.

Bajo leaves Good Game

Earlier this week, Bajo announced his resignation from the ABC to stream full time in classic Bajo fashion:

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Bajo resigns from ABC. Bajo full time streamer (from December). Bajo is all yours. www.twitch.tv/bajostreamHi! It…

Posted by Bajo – Steven O'Donnell on Tuesday, 31 October 2017

GG Bajo

You’ll notice that Bajo signs off with:

Until next time, may all your games be good ones, Bajo over and out.

The funny thing is this move is going to equal way more Bajo, quite the contrast to “over and out”, as he has made the move to stream on Twitch. His Twitch page gives you a perfect picture of the man and what you’ll be getting into if you so choose to watch his streams and support him over there.

The many Bajonians who follow him on Twitch already will attest to the originality, zaniness and entertainment of a Bajo stream.

If you want to take a short journey through Bajo’s life, check out the Good Game special on him:

Versus Player thanks

I just want to wish Bajo the best of luck and am sure he will continue to smash it on Twitch (and in lots of other fields I’m sure).

Thanks for the countless laughs, putting me on to plenty of good (great) games over the years and for all the entertainment. Good Game was something very special and a real inspiration and champion of Aussie gamers, undoubtedly in a huge way because of Bajo!

Bajo, may all your games be good ones!