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If you are an adult gamer, chances are you’ve played some Lego video games since Lego Star Wars: The Video Game came out in 2005. The Lego video games are among the most kid friendly games out there, but with licences like Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones and Lego originals like Lego City, creators Traveller’s Tales have created games that are fun for younger gamers at heart and, more importantly here, something fun for adults to play with kids.

Accessible goodness

The Lego video games contain a fantastic mix of humour that adults and kids will enjoy, with plenty falling in the middle too. If you are familiar with the franchise the game is parodying, you’ll enjoy it even more.

A big thing that makes Lego video games so much fun to play with kids is that they have co-op down-pat. Drop in and drop out gameplay, instant resume upon death, untethered split-screen gameplay, no time limit, changeable characters and more. If a puzzle is too difficult, pass the controller back or get the little one to drop out for a moment while the adult gets the job done (or just slowly talk them through, as you can take as long as you need).

Lego video games
Go off and do your own thing

All the Lego video games have fun cheats that do things like adding new characters, make finding collectibles easier, make your character invincible and more. My son and my absolute favourite would have to be “The Funk Awakens” from Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which has characters dance around.

So much to do, so much to see. So what’s wrong with taking the back streets?

The recent trend in the Lego video games is an open world hub world. There are heaps of side quests, lots of really nerdy in-universe jokes and throwbacks and a massive amount of collectibles to find. When life and everything in-between takes you away from gaming, the open world holds lots for kids to do without the adult co-op partner having to miss out on story mode.

Lego video games
Your favourite scenes, Legofied

Finally here, the older games still hold up. Sure, some of the new features and mechanics are more fun than what came before, but the humour, general gameplay and stories are as enjoyable now than ever. Plus the fact that you can pick up some Lego video games for a few dollars (on PC particularly) is nice too, let alone the ridiculous replayability of the games. From finding all the collectibles, achievement or trophy hunting, completing all the hub world side missions to trying out the crazy amount of characters, there is so much to do.

Something for everyone

Not only are there Lego video games in franchises ranging from Star Wars to Harry Potter to The Avengers, there are also other types that mix up the standard Lego video game formula (to be fair, every game has something unique to it, ranging from character abilities to new gameplay mechanics).

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is a great stepping stone for little ones into the world of RTS (Real Time Strategy) gaming. While this is only one part of this title, I for one loved playing through the RTS elements with my son and strategising together.

In the most obvious move ever, there is even a Lego game that mimics Minecraft (which mimicked Lego in the first place), being Lego Worlds. This game has been in early access on PC for a while now and, like Minecraft, is a fun pass the controller experience between an adult and kid gamer, which is how my son and I play it.

Lego video games
It’s like Minecraft (which is like Lego), but with Lego…

Then there is the Toys to life version, Lego Dimensions. The fact that I can own a Lego Ethan Hunt figure is reason enough for this game to exist (my son will say Sonic… thanks Jono and Jase!). Traveller’s Tales have completely set this up as a GAMING WITH THE KIDS experience, with licences older gamers will be intersted in like GremlinsBack to the FutureDoctor Who and a whole lot more on offer. The details in the created worlds that come with every figure is incredible, let alone the fantastic level packs with awesome old school throwbacks (I admit, the Sonic stages brought back fun memories).

Lego Dimensions
Throwbacks galore

Get your game on

Our motto at VERSUS PLAYER is Games, life and everything in-between. GAMING WITH THE KIDS is an ongoing series where we look at games that you can play with kids, to help you balance life (and everything in-between) with your gaming time.

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Happy gaming!

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