Games with Gold, PlayStation Plus, Humble Bundle and more

This month there is something to enjoy across all of the major players.

Humble Bundle are killing it with some amazing packages. For those of you who want to get into making games or are interested in having a play around with the source code of some existing games, the The Humble GameMaker Rebundle is a must. The Humble Saints Row Bundle has a whole range of fun games, with some excellent ones at the low price entry fee.

For me, any time Bayonetta comes back into the spotlight is a win. I just hope things like this are more steps on the path towards Bayonetta 3. While I hold Bayonetta 2 in higher regard (it’s about as perfect as action and controlling gets), the first entry in the series is also tight with the controls and contains incredible action, all thrown together with amazing enemy design. That said, the character herself and the story will not be for everyone.

Over on PlayStation, Just Cause 3 is a super fun game that will tickle the fancy of GTA players of old. Just look at the featured image above!

Here are the GAMES ON THE CHEAP for August 2017

Xbox Games With Gold

PlayStation Plus

Humble Bundle

  • The Humble GameMaker Rebundle (with full games and source codes for games at different levels)
    • Pay what you want!
      • Extreme Burger Defense
      • Freeway Mutant
      • Cook, Serve, Delicious!
      • Shep Hard
      • Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!
      • GameMaker: Studio Pro
    • Pay more than the average of $10.86 to also unlock!
      • Uncanny Valley
      • INK
      • Galactic Missile Defense
      • GameMaker: Studio Pro HTML5 Module
      • 10 Second Ninja X GameMaker Edition
      • Solstice
      • Home
      • Cook, Serve, Delicious!
    • Pay $15 or more to also unlock!
      • GameMaker: Studio Pro Android Module
      • GameMaker: Studio Pro iOS Module
      • GameMaker: Studio Pro Windows UWP Module
      • Flop Rocket
      • Solstice
      • Home

 EA On the House

Games on the Cheap August 2017
Things get CRAZY in Bayonetta

GAMES ON THE CHEAP: August 2017 and more

On our VERSUS PLAYER podcast we like to talk about our picks from the freebies, sales and deals for the month. This includes the games that are part of Xbox Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus. We also chat about any good Humble Bundle, Good Old Games or other deals and freebies around the net.

What are your picks for the month? Are there any other good deals floating around on the net that are worthy of a mention? Let us know in the comments below or by emailing me at

Happy gaming (and bargain hunting)!

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