First Impressions: Into the Breach

First Impressions: Into the Breach

We at Versus Player love FTL. So when the creators Subset Games recently announced their next game, Into the Breach, we were understandably excited! Although admittedly a small part of me was hoping for a sequel to FTL, this unique new title has grabbed my attention.

Into the Breach appears to use similar mechanics to FTL for combat and upgrades but when you fail, time travel is used instead of the finality of death.

This has me intrigued. (I love time travel).

I love Subset’s art direction on their games and if the music by Ben Prunty invokes the same sense of atmosphere it did in FTL, we’ll be in for a treat!

They have announced that they are aiming to release on Windows, Mac & Linux in a staggered release to ensure quality. With no release date yet we’ll just have to remain patient but expect an in depth look as soon as it’s available.

Check out there website and introductory video below. And we’ll see you back here when Into the Breach is out!

Versus Player is in no way associated with Subset Games, we’re just fans of FTL and hopefully Into the Breach.