E3 2018: Ubisoft Press Conference Highlights

E3 2018: Ubisoft Press Conference Highlights

You want CG trailers? Ubi have CG trailers

The Ubisoft 2018 E3 Press Conference showed once again that Ubisoft are the kings of the CG trailer and that they love animal costumes!

Also in true Ubisoft E3 fashion, pretty much everything had someone chatting quite a bit about the game, often complete with some crazy side initiative to go along with it.

Check out all the highlights below.

Just Dance 2019

Not for everyone I know, but I must say, I enjoy the crazy dance routines every year. A whole heap of songs were teased during the performance.

The second trailer below is the song list trailer, which wasn’t shown during the conference.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Porko Rosso crossed with Space Pirate Captain Harlock. A very slick CG trailer shown showing off the “space opera”, with a cool reveal at the end of it.

Then prealpha gameplay was shown. Starting the show with this has given me very high hopes for the rest of the conference. The game looks incredible.

Join the Space Monkey Program, allowing artists across the world to collaborate and contribute to the final game. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on stage to talk about it as part of his HitREcord initiative. Hitrecord.org/bgegame

Rainbow Six Siege

What’s coming next for the game that keeps on giving… a documentary!? Sure, why not.

Trials Rising

Man I love these games. More crazy crashes and, by the looks of it, stages I’ll never be able to complete, despite the fact that there is a big push on tutorials.

Coming to Switch as well this time round!

The Division 2

A CG trailer showing off a very tense and harsh world. Ubisoft, keep on keeping on with these trailers.

8 players can now partner up in raids.

Free content drops coming to the game too.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure

For a second I thought I got my E3 wish and they were going to show off a new Rayman musical stage. Alas, nothing could live up to it, no matter how cool this does look.

Skull & Bones

What? Another CG trailer? Followed by a gameplay look? What a twist!

All I was waiting for was someone to say something like, “Welcome to Black Flag 2.” Incredibly impressive looking. I’ll give this a go.

Poor Sea of Thieves.


Elijah Wood back on stage to show off this experimental and cool looking game.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Not giving up on the toys-to-life craze, Starlink was shown off again. The game really does look cool. Expect to hear Jono talking about this once it comes out. So his jam!

Plus, Starfox in game! And Shiggy was once again in the house!

For Honor

PC Starter Edition for free for the week for everyone. Get over to Ubi’s website.

Another supercool CG trailer and gameplay clip shown.

The Crew 2

More shown off of this crazy looking open world racing game.

Assassin’s Creed Odyseey

THIS! IS! SPARTA! No CG trailer this time. Classic awesome game-play Assassin’s Creed trailer.  Seriously, no one does trailers like Ubisoft.

Then an extended demo shown off.

What they said and showed sounded and looked really cool though. Heavy on the role-playing aspects this time around, complete with dialogue trees.

I’ll be playing as Kassandra, kicking people off cliffs left, right and centre.

Here’s hoping there are bandits.

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