E3 2018: Sony Press Conference Highlights

E3 2018: Sony Press Conference Highlights

Sony holds a sermon

The Sony E3 2018 Press Conference was a real mixed bag. Great games with the weirdest conference I’ve seen.

A very different and strangely paced (“experience”) with long breaks and way too much talking at times. As Ben put it, more an investment pitch than what we are used to seeing at E3, particularly from Sony in the past few years.

Sony, Bethesda and Ubisoft all had live music. One did it well. It was not Sony.

Amazing games shown though. Trust me, you are better off just checking out the highlights here than watching that whole thing. It was not good. Like old Nintendo cringy badness.

Check them all out below:

The Last of Us Part II

A trailer, with extended game-play, showing two very different sides of the game. Love and brutality. The game looks phenomenal.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – Back in Black Maps

Taking a cue out of Korn’s playbook, a trailer showing maps with a bullet flying through everything in sight.

The game is free for PS Plus members for a limited time. NICE!

Montage time.

The following games were shown off super quickly. Tetris Effect, Days Gone, Twin Mirror, Ghost Giants and Beat Saber. Like seconds each.

It took way too long to get to see another game that is yet to come out, but this was not the way to do it.

Destiny 2: Forsaken

A very bleak looking CG trailer shown.

Ghost of Tsushima

The next “experience”, complete with a musical intro and a long look at the game. The samurai combat looks amazing. The musical intro was another miss.
Splinter Cell mark and execute, sword style.

I’m hoping I can go 3 swords style.


Whatever this is going to be. How do I PLAY it?


Very Inception cross Quantum Break cross Jumper looking. Yes, Jumper. That Hayden Christensen film.

Resident Evil 2

A very strange and cool looking trailer.

Trover Saves the Universe

Very Rick and Morty, by the Rick and Morty guys

Kingdom Hearts 3

A different clip than the one shown at the Xbox Press Conference. This time it’s Pirates of the Caribbean heavy. I am so in.

Oh, and you get all of the older Kingdom Hearts on PS4. Because you have so much spare time.

Death Stranding

Whatever this game is, I want to play it now! Game-play shown off too!

Questions and comments: Can this guy carry any more?!?! What’s with the cuts in the trailer? More creepy hand-prints! Lots of walking. Silhouettes in the sky. What does the text even mean? Hi baby! Floating umbilical cord people. Was that part of the game or did that player just die? What on Earth is going on? So much shown, a million more questions.

Hideo, we love you.

Nioh 2

More samurai action shown.


More combat shown off. Here’s hoping this is the Spider-Man game we are looking for… Arkham Spider-Man. Sure does look like it.

Nothing else?

That was the end? I thought there was a problem with the stream. Not even a goodbye.

Maybe it’s better this way… Not talking (or playing an instrument) is just lovely.

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