I love me a Nintendo Direct. Keep on keeping on Nintendo.

During the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct, lots was shown, with something for all Nintendo fans out there. In true Direct fashion, a few games were only given a little bit of time, with a deep dive into one.

Check out the clips below:

Daemon X Machina

A super stylish trailer showing some heavy metal Transformers inspired (but let’s be real, it really is just Transformers) action. This one has Jono written all over it.

Xenoblades Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country

Looks like more of what fans of the series are after. Not my thing but you do you!

I hope they do another edition of this game one day and further add to the title.

Pokemon Let’s Go

Reggie showed off the game and chatted about it, including the Pokeball Plus.

Super Mario Party

Play with multiple Switch screens for some of the mini games. Hmmmm. I could use a second Switch.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

A clip showing off story beats and game-play. Another that’s not my thing, but for those who are into the series, please to enjoy!


So do I need to say anything? It’s Fortnite. On Switch. Out now for free.

I did chuckle at the “for free” business. I know it is free, but man oh man these guys make all the money.

Overcooked 2

AWESOME! This is our jam at Versus Player!

Killer Queen Black

I’ve never played it, but everything I’ve heard is amazing. Going to be a great party game.

Hollow Knight

Another game perfect for the Switch. AVAILABLE NOW!

Octopath Traveller

More shown of the highly anticipated title.

New demo out, with a save carry over to the final version.

Montage time

A whole heap of games shown super quickly, some out now, others that have been shown at other conferences, a few on the way and some DLC for existing titles.

Carcassonne is a nice fit for Switch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Take my money! If you have any interest in Smash Bros you have to watch the whole thing. Fan service galore. Fighting roster with 67 characters shown by my count.

Every character ever who has been in a Smash Bros is in this game, plus new challengers. Talk about giving fans what they want! Plus updates to character costumes, moves and Final Smash. Lots was shown here, including a whole heaps of maps. Kirby’s mimic ability looks so cool!

Echo Fighters were also spoken of, now with Daisy in the mix. We also got a good look at the new fighters, techniques and Assist Trophies, including Bomber Man and more Pokemon. Oh, and GameCube controller adaptor on the way and all fighter’s Amiibo figures will be supported.

One more thing, how about the one character everyone has been asking for? Ridley! You got it.

So much has been considered here. All I want is a good single player mode.

Out December 7!

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