EA kick off E3 2018

EA once again kicked off E3 with the EA 2018 Press Conference. It started off with a cool augmented reality Anthem intro and had many expected games shown, with some surprises thrown in, including cloud gaming running on multiple devices and Origin Access Premier, with everything EA coming to the subscription service.

Plus an awesome AVAILABLE NOW moment with the reveal and simultaneous release of Unravel Two (AKA: Yarny and Blue Yarny Adventure).

You can check out the highlights below.

Battlefield V

Big talk about game-play innovations and customisation. The destruction looks epic. Oh, and no loot boxes and no premium pass. Is EA making this game still? And one more thing… Royale (it took way less time than I thought to hear about a game including a Battle Royale mode).


With the World Cup a week away, I can’t help but be extra pumped for this. Not only was there a look at FIFA 19, but there was also a look at the current FIFA 18 World Cup mode, with a free trial of the game AVAILABLE NOW (I love this sort of thing at E3!).

Champions League is the big push for FIFA 19. The trophy was on stage, a nice touch for super fans.

Origin Access Premier

Not a game, but all the games. Very cool.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

You’ll be playing as a Jedi, it takes place during the Dark Times (between Episode 3 and 4) when the Jedi are being hunted and supposedly it’s amazing. They say to expect it at the end of next year. I won’t hold my breath. No trailer shown.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

They started off talking about what hasn’t worked in the past and what they’ve gotten right, including a bit of time on the Solo update and a few new things that are coming. Clone Wars is on the way, with General Grievous, Obi-Wan, Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker. Some clips and pictures shown, but no new trailer.

Unravel Two

Yarny is back baby! This time with a mate the whole way through, with a Knack spin on the two characters becoming one!

A trailer was shown and the game was also played on stage.

Oh, and it’s AVAILABLE NOW! Pumped for this!

Sea of Solitude

Another EA indie joint. Looks like EA are keeping the momentum going with another great looking indie offering.

I love the passion that was shown on stage.

NBA Live 2019

The street ball components look cool. These trailers are always super stylish.

Madden NFL 2019

I’m sure there are lots of people out there who were super excited about the Madden Championships being shown and having YoungKid on stage. I am not one of those people. Even the trailer was quite dull. A low point of the conference.

Command & Conquer: Rivals

A mobile game on the E3 stage seems like a bad idea. Luckily this game looks cool. Again though, the way this was introduced and the amount of time spent on it was a real momentum killer. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this become EA’s biggest money maker.

Oh, and Android users can get in on the action in a beta that is AVAILABLE NOW.


Sure looks like a triple A, Biowareish cross Destiny cross Iron Man game.

The trailer below was shown, along with an extended look at the game (including lots of game-play) and commentary from the devs.

A massive world, awesome looking movement and gun play, progression, story, conversation, coop… I’m so down for this.

More from E3

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  1. Top stuff Joe. I’m really excited for Sea of Solitude.

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