This is Bethesda

After last year’s awesome opening, the Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference started off with a cool look inside the studio with This is Bethesda. I want to work there.

The conference showed off a bunch of cool games, with more of a look at those previously announced and a few new announcements. Plus a few great jokes, including one right at Wallmart regarding the Rage 2 leak.

One thing that was prevalent throughout the whole show was the love the devs have for the studio, their games and the fans. Right back at you Bethesda.


You can check out the highlights below.

Rage 2

Introduced with a live rock performance, complete with some unsure crowd member shots thrown in the mix. It did set the tone for the game. They showed off a trailer and an extended game-play clip, with heaps of vehicles, a Haloesque ground pound, a Force push ability and awesome looking gun play.

Looks crazy.

Plus, there are bandits. Jase is pumped.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

More shown from the Elder Scrolls digital card game, now with overhauled visuals and coming to all home consoles (including Switch – everything needs to come to Switch). All progress with carry over to your console version from the current PC and mobile versions too.

The Elder Scrolls: Online

Chatted about the latest chapter (Summerset) and looked into the future of ESO.

DOOM Eternal


Everything they said about the game sounds perfect. Earth, more demons, more weapons and sounds like the same amazing sort of soundtrack.

Quake Champions

It’ll be as fast as the legacy games. Multiplayer going old school again. Plus features for the older, original Quake gamers out there.

Get in for free now at Quake.com and continue playing for free once the game gets its full release. Nice!

Prey: Mooncrash

A huge, free update is coming… tonight. The replayability looks impressive.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Coop Wolfenstein action, where you play as BJ’s twin daughters. More Wolfenstein is always welcome!

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

VR Nazi killing Wolfenstein action. Nothing shown, but definitely sounds interesting.

Fallout 76

Todd Howard on stage again after his very welcome Xbox presentation, this time showing off game-play and telling us a lot more about the game. Including the fact that the game is ENTIRELY ONLINE!

Can also be played solo, but characters are real players. Progression goes across worlds. Open world. Survival. Base building. Multiple nuclear missile silos that players can use. Dedicated servers. B.E.T.A coming (Break it Early Test Application). Incredibly cool looking Power Armour Collector’s Edition coming. Out this year on November 14.

This is going to be massive.

I’ve attached clips separately or you could just watch the whole Fallout 76 section five clips below.


Fallout Shelter

Coming to Switch, tonight. Still free. Get on it. Nothing really shown.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The next mobile game from Bethesda. First person Elder Scrolls RPG on a mobile and can be played in portrait mode. It’s going to be available across multiple devices, including VR. Oh, and it’s going the be free.

Man these guys are amazing.

Skyrim: Very Special Edition

We wish. Someone make this please.


Nice tease to end the show. New franchise. Bethesda’s first wholly original franchise in 25 years! Join me on the hype train.

The Elder Scrolls VI

THAT IS HOW YOU END A SHOW! The teasiest of teases.

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