Project Scorpio is Unveiled as Xbox One X

The Xbox 2017 E3 Press Conference started off with what we all love most about E3… new hardware!

Phil Spencer walked on stage with applause and cheering appropriate for the champion that he is. Every time he came back on.

During the conference 42 games were shown, with 22 games with console exclusivity on Xbox One. This was an E3 Press Conference done right. Microsoft pumped the games out and it was glorious!

Also, original Xbox backwards compatibility for Xbox One! Probably the biggest cheer of the show. Oh, and updates to existing games so they look and play better on Xbox One X.

This was a show and a half. Bravo Microsoft!

Below are my highlights of the show, which really was the whole thing…

Xbox One X

The most powerful console ever made. Not only will this beast of a console make games look better on a 4K TV, it’ll boost games on standard 1080p TVs. Microsoft went through all the impressive specs of the Xbox One X console, including the fact that it’s the smallest Xbox ever.

Forza Motorsport 7

As expected, a new Forza Motorsport is on the way. Also as expected, there was a car on stage. I’m not a car person, but I just love how this has become a thing in Xbox Press Conferences.

Metro Exodus

Distinctively Metro from the onset. A definite horror vibe wrapped in a beautiful FPS package. An example of just how far games have come.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

The game we all knew was coming, Assassin’s Creed in Egypt.

Looks super impressive, but so has every Assassin’s Creed ever released, and we all know that they’ve been off track a little lately. That said, the gameplay clip shows the game’s art style is beautiful, the movement mechanics look tight and the Assassin’s Creed flavour is all there, with some new things thrown into the mix.

All I want to know is how he got to the top of the pyramid in order to slide down it. I’ll be playing it for that reason alone.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Brendan Greene, on stage, showing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on console. A console launch exclusive no less. A good get for Xbox.


Deep Rock Galactic

Has multiplayer No Man’s Sky written all over it.

State of Decay 2

Because every respectable E3 press conference needs a zombie game. Really though, it looks so very good.

The Darwin Project

Because something on Xbox needs the word “Project” in the title. Not sure of the placement of a multiplayer battle game shown only three games after Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Looks very different mind you.

Minecraft: Super Duper Graphics Pack!!!

Minecraft multiplayer goodness across all platforms. Plus a free 4K update to the game that really isn’t about the graphics. But then they showed a new look to Minecraft, which really surprised me. I’m as blown away as you Mr Spencer!

Dragonball Fighter Z

I love how anime games look just like the show now. This is as good looking as they get.

Black Desert

Games are just so damn pretty! And an MMORPG! Expect comparisons to Breath of the Wild with this one.

The Last Light

Pixel art style at it’s finest. A teaser that won me over in seconds.

The Artful Escape

OK, I have no idea what this is but I love everything about this.

Code Vein

At this point of the Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference the games have been shown without a word said, just a trailer and move on. Code Vein finished off this part with style.

Sea of Thieves

Extended gameplay shown of this shared open world adventure game. The more I see the more I’m intrigued. I can so see this being a game Jono, Jase and I play together.


Gone Home in space. I’m there.

Super Lucky’s Tale

Conker is back, looking as cute as ever. No wait, it’s Tales from Sonic. No wait… what is this? It actually is a cute puzzle platformer.


JUST COME OUT ALREADY! I WANT TO PLAY YOU! Coming (finally) September 29.

Crackdown 3

Starring Terry Crews… Oh yeah! That was a fun and very silly video. Just what we want from Crackdown.

ID@Xbox games sizzle reel

Again, because every press conference needs one. Some cool looking games in there, with a few big surprises.


Seriously… all these games look incredible.  Love the art style here.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

The sequel to one of my favourite games I’ve never finished. I need to rectify that!

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Looks like more of the game that everyone loved. An extended gameplay clip was shown of this massive looking game. I really dig the banter.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori? Is that you Ori? Yes it is! I actually cheered aloud!

If you’ve not played Ori and the Blind Forest, get on it right now. Amazing Metrovania style game. So down for more of this.

Original Xbox Backward Compatibility for Xbox One!

No video here, but man, what fan service!


As promised at the EA E3 2017 Press Conference, Bioware’s new game was shown off and ended the Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference with style. Plenty of “WHAT!!!” moments here. The perfect way to end a Press Conference that was pretty much perfect itself.

More E3 2017 Goodness

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Happy gaming!


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