EA Start E3 2017 off with a bang (and, surprise, surprise, a sizzle reel)

The EA 2017 E3 Press Conference delivered some cool trailers and clips.

You can watch the whole thing online at a whole lot of places, but I thought I’d trim the fat (I’m looking at you Battlefield 1 community video, FUT Championships clip, Men in Blazers and Need for Speed intro) and put together the highlights of the EA 2017 E3 Press Conference.

Actually, besides the fact that fellow Aussie Andrew Wilson started off E3, the trailers, gameplay clips, the mention of free access to many EA services this week and the 30 minutes of Star Wars goodness were really all you’d want to see.

Madden 18: Long Shot

Long Shot is the single player campaign in Madden 18 (think Alex Hunter in FIFA).


Ronaldo takes center stage.

FIFA 18: The Journey

More FIFA is pretty much all people are after, but, surprisingly to me, Alex Hunter is making a comeback.

Need for Speed: Payback

Looks like fun!

A Way Out

You had me at “from the makers of Brother’s: A Tale of Two Sons”. A co-op only, split-screen story based game, yes please! And Josef Fares, THAT is how you intro a game. Enthusiasm, joy, passion and fun.

Project Scorpion

Seriously! They showed some screenshots from Madden 18 running on Project Scorpio.


Brand new IP from Bioware. A tease of what’s coming at the Xbox Press Conference tomorrow. Massive tease, not much else to say.

NBA Live 18: The One

More story mode sports gaming.

Star Wars Battlefront II

This is the part of the press conference worth watching all the way through. 3 times the content of the first game, looks just as amazing as it did and the single player campaign sounds rad.

Admitting the mistakes of the first Star Wars Battlefront, showing the John Boyega tweet about a single player campaign and mentioning constructive feedback on stage was a nice move from EA. The free DLC on top of that shows EA really are listening.

As much as I was hoping, there was no “one more thing” moment at the end. I was really hanging out to see the other Star Wars games coming up.

They showed the trailer below, but also showed people playing a round of multiplayer on Naboo (which looks beautiful).

More E3 2017 Goodness

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Happy gaming!


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