Best of the Web: Creepy Watson

Best of the Web: Creepy Watson

Don’t turn away!

In episode 5 of our VERSUS PLAYER podcast (GOTY Roundup, Ya Filthy Animal), we briefly mentioned Creepy Watson. This was in reference to the creepy way Watson moves in Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis (aka: Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsène Lupin). Rather than make you do the (not so) hard work of a Google or YouTube search, we thought we’d pop the video up here for your enjoyment.

Full credit to tdous for the video.

In a brilliant move, Focus Home Interactive released an April Fools video in the lead up to the release of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, showing the return of Creepy Watson.

Drop us a line below or at with any of your favourite creepy glitches in video games.

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Here at VERSUS PLAYER we love everything nerdy and want to share with you some of our favourite things on the Internet. Best of the Web is an ongoing series where we do exactly that.

Happy gaming!

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