Check Out Box Blurb Episode 2

The game where marketing matters

Box Blurb is a video game trivia show, developed by Jono, where you need to guess the game based on the blurb.

You can listen to Box Blurb Episode 2 here.

Jono reads out selected lines from the back of a video game case or from a piece of video game advertising and Joe and Jase have to try and guess what game it is. Jono gives the guys one line at a time, starting off with a very vague line, and then gives a few more lines, getting a little more obvious each step of the way. Listen along and see if you can guess the game before Joe and Jase do… or guess it when they don’t, because Jono does not make this easy!

Box Blurb
Video game trivia

We are going to try and make Box Blurb a pretty regular thing.

You can find episodes of Box Blurb here or on iTunes, Stitcher or Pocket Casts under VERSUS PLAYER.

Happy gaming (and good luck guessing)!

Note: The image above is the back of the box from one of the games from Box Blurb: Episode 1