Our motto rings true With life and everything in-between (including flu season and bubble soccer) taking over us guys at VERSUS PLAYER at the moment, we've been unable to hit our fortnightly podcasting goal this time. We are aiming to get back on track this week, with another episode that will include the next Box Blurb and a recording of Draw Distance (that will eventually find its way online). As always, all our previous podcasts can be found on this here website or at all the usual online podcast joints. If you are after something timeless, check out our Halo Special. You could do us a solid in the meantime and head over to iTunes and give us a rating. The more stars the more welcome ;) Thanks to everyone for listening and happy gaming!

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And it looks as amazing as we imagined it to be! The first teaser trailer for what is one of the most anticipated nerdy films of all time, Ready Player One, has hit. It looks like Steven Spielberg and company have given Ernest Cline’s beloved book the love and care it deserves, not to mention the budget too! Check out the trailer here: If you've not read the book, get on it now. If you have found your way to VERSUS PLAYER, you'll love Ready Player One. It's written for us! Happy gaming!

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Incredible cosplay talent on display in Sydney Supanova Comic Con & Gaming was held in Sydney from the 9th until the 11th of June in Sydney Olympic Park. There was an abundance of incredible cosplay on show, with characters from video games, movies, comics, TV, books, anime, manga and everything in-between. This year there were quite a few large scale costumes, particularly those showcasing video game characters. There were way too many cosplayers for me to photograph them all. Below is just a sample of the amazing cosplay that was on display. If you want to check out some the the amazing Star Wars cosplayers that came to the Guinness World Record attempt, follow this link or click on the picture below. We also recorded a special podcast where we chatted about our experience being Official Witnesses for Supanova Comic Con & Gaming's Official Attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the "Largest gathering of people dressed as Star Wars characters". You can check that out here or by searching for VERSUS PLAYER on iTunes. Supanova is an awesome event. What makes it so special is the friendly vibe, cool stalls, interesting panels and the wonderful cosplay. You can find out more about Supanova and when it will be in a capital city near you here. Happy cosplaying! *We are in no…

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Witness Me! On Friday 16 June 2017, Jono, Jase and I (along with Hayden from the 501st) were Official Witnesses for Supanova Comic Con & Gaming's Official Attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the "Largest gathering of people dressed as Star Wars characters". We got to work with Bryan from Guinness, who is an absolute champion of a bloke (and who has a very cool job). An Official Attempt had never been made before, so the bar was set at 800 people, which was based on the average number of participants from similar types of events. In our roll as Witnesses, we had to ensure that everyone who registered for the Guinness World Records attempt for Star Wars costume gathering met all the pre-set criteria. This criteria had rules such as: People needed to be dressed as a recognised character who has appeared in a licenced Star Wars release or as a generic character who is immediately identifiable as someone in the franchise (such as Jedi or Sith). The character could include someone from films, novels, comics, TV and video games. The character could be from the the new Disney Canon or the Lucasfilm Legends Canon. Costumes couldn't be a customised version of an existing character (eg: Aussie Vader). It needed to be a full "head to toe" costume. Unfortunately,…

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Vol. 2 is No. 1 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 raked in a whopping AU$23,079,118* from April 27-April 30 at the Australian Box Office. Worldwide, as of writing this, internationally the movie has grossed over its production budget (approximately AU$270 million*) by over AU$31 million*. Whether you think the movie is better, as good as or not as good as the first, it seems like the movie is universally loved and these figures will hopefully see more Guardians stand alone movies in the future (and hopefully some hinted at possible spinoffs). I for one loved the movie even more than the first. They nailed the humour, with Drax having some of the funniest parts and Baby Groot having a few scenes that had the whole audience in stitches. The humour works so well as it matches the bright, rainbow coloured world of the movie. Even the more serious parts are not taken too seriously and the action scenes are just awesome. Highly recommended! Looks like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is going to bring in a nice chunk of change. Here's hoping this means we get more fun action sci-fi in the same vein in the future. Happy gaming (and movie watching)! *Figures from Box Office Mojo.

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