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Join Jono, Joe, and Jase as they enter the Endgame. This week's podcast spoils all things Avengers: Endgame. If you haven't seen it then I'm not really sure why you're listening to this? I suppose you might not be really into Marvel films but then why listen to a podcast about it? Seriously, have a good long think about what kind of person you are. It just doesn't make sense that you would even listen to this unless you like being spoiled about stuff you don't like and you also like a movie described to you instead of experiencing it on the big screen with all the special effects and stuff. Look, do what you wanna do I just don't think it's a great idea, but what do I know? The answer is a lot, I know a lot because I've seen the film unlike you, you sad strange little man...or woman. Please listen to me. I love you.

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What are your GOTY and TOTY picks? 2018 has been full of many amazing games, tech, movies, TV shows and more. Soon your friends at VERSUS PLAYER will be recording our Game of the Year (GOTY) and Things of the Year (TOTY – totally a real thing) podcasts. Just like last year’s GOTY 2017 AND YOU podcast, we’d love for our friends and listeners to be part of the show too. The hope here is that we get a few comments below (or emails sent to and we can share and discuss your favourites on the podcast. Below are the categories that we’ll be going through. Feel free to give your picks for any or all of the categories. We’ll give up to a top 3 in each category (and honourable mentions in some cases). The categories for GOTY are: Picks of Xbox Live Games with Gold games Picks of PS+ Instant Game Collection games Favourite game not released in 2018 that we played in 2018 for the first time 2018 game that tops the pile of shame Most disappointing/worst game Favourite music/score Favourite story Favourite gaming moments (experience, level, surprises, etc.) Favourite character Favourite multiplayer GAME OF THE YEAR Most anticipated 2019 game The categories for TOTY are: Favourite TV show Favourite movie Most disappointing TV show or movie Favourite YouTube channel/video Favourite nerdy purchase…

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I love me a Nintendo Direct. Keep on keeping on Nintendo. During the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct, lots was shown, with something for all Nintendo fans out there. In true Direct fashion, a few games were only given a little bit of time, with a deep dive into one. Check out the clips below: Daemon X Machina A super stylish trailer showing some heavy metal Transformers inspired (but let’s be real, it really is just Transformers) action. This one has Jono written all over it. Xenoblades Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country Looks like more of what fans of the series are after. Not my thing but you do you! I hope they do another edition of this game one day and further add to the title. Pokemon Let’s Go Reggie showed off the game and chatted about it, including the Pokeball Plus. Super Mario Party Play with multiple Switch screens for some of the mini games. Hmmmm. I could use a second Switch. Fire Emblem: Three Houses A clip showing off story beats and game-play. Another that’s not my thing, but for those who are into the series, please to enjoy! Fortnite So do I need to say anything? It’s Fortnite. On Switch. Out now for free. I did chuckle at the "for free" business. I know…

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Sony holds a sermon The Sony E3 2018 Press Conference was a real mixed bag. Great games with the weirdest conference I’ve seen. A very different and strangely paced (“experience”) with long breaks and way too much talking at times. As Ben put it, more an investment pitch than what we are used to seeing at E3, particularly from Sony in the past few years. Sony, Bethesda and Ubisoft all had live music. One did it well. It was not Sony. Amazing games shown though. Trust me, you are better off just checking out the highlights here than watching that whole thing. It was not good. Like old Nintendo cringy badness. Check them all out below: The Last of Us Part II A trailer, with extended game-play, showing two very different sides of the game. Love and brutality. The game looks phenomenal. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - Back in Black Maps Taking a cue out of Korn’s playbook, a trailer showing maps with a bullet flying through everything in sight. The game is free for PS Plus members for a limited time. NICE! Montage time. The following games were shown off super quickly. Tetris Effect, Days Gone, Twin Mirror, Ghost Giants and Beat Saber. Like seconds each. It took way too long to get to see another game that…

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You want CG trailers? Ubi have CG trailers The Ubisoft 2018 E3 Press Conference showed once again that Ubisoft are the kings of the CG trailer and that they love animal costumes! Also in true Ubisoft E3 fashion, pretty much everything had someone chatting quite a bit about the game, often complete with some crazy side initiative to go along with it. Check out all the highlights below. Just Dance 2019 Not for everyone I know, but I must say, I enjoy the crazy dance routines every year. A whole heap of songs were teased during the performance. The second trailer below is the song list trailer, which wasn't shown during the conference. Beyond Good and Evil 2 Porko Rosso crossed with Space Pirate Captain Harlock. A very slick CG trailer shown showing off the “space opera”, with a cool reveal at the end of it. Then prealpha gameplay was shown. Starting the show with this has given me very high hopes for the rest of the conference. The game looks incredible. Join the Space Monkey Program, allowing artists across the world to collaborate and contribute to the final game. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on stage to talk about it as part of his HitREcord initiative. Rainbow Six Siege What’s coming next for the game that keeps on giving...…

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This is Bethesda After last year's awesome opening, the Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference started off with a cool look inside the studio with This is Bethesda. I want to work there. The conference showed off a bunch of cool games, with more of a look at those previously announced and a few new announcements. Plus a few great jokes, including one right at Wallmart regarding the Rage 2 leak. One thing that was prevalent throughout the whole show was the love the devs have for the studio, their games and the fans. Right back at you Bethesda. WHAT A SHOW! You can check out the highlights below. Rage 2 Introduced with a live rock performance, complete with some unsure crowd member shots thrown in the mix. It did set the tone for the game. They showed off a trailer and an extended game-play clip, with heaps of vehicles, a Haloesque ground pound, a Force push ability and awesome looking gun play. Looks crazy. Plus, there are bandits. Jase is pumped. The Elder Scrolls: Legends More shown from the Elder Scrolls digital card game, now with overhauled visuals and coming to all home consoles (including Switch - everything needs to come to Switch). All progress with carry over to your console version from the current PC and mobile versions too. The…

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OK then So that was a very different "Press Conference". I'm not going to say much about the conference or the games, as honestly I half watched most of it as the humour was not my jam. My Friend Pedro looks alright. SCUM My Friend Pedro Metal Wolf Chaos XD More from E3 2018 Check out the VERSUS PLAYER podcast over on iTunes or here on our website. We’ll be discussing everything E3 2018 (and a whole lot more) in the coming episodes. I’ll be popping up similar posts for the other 2018 Press Conferences on the website, so check out our homepage. I’ve already got something up for: Bethesda Press Conference XBox Press Conference EA Press Conference If you want to relive the highlights of E3 2017, you can check them out below: Sony’s Press Conference EA Press Conference Xbox Press Conference Bethesda Press Conference Ubisoft Press Conference. You can also check out our 2017 E3 podcast special, E3 2017 NEEDED MORE ALEX HUNTER. While your here, why not follow us over on Instagram and Facebook? Send any thoughts our way in the reply box below or at Happy gaming!

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X gonna give it to ya Xbox started off with the Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference with the one we were all hanging for... Halo. From there it was 50 games, with 18 exclusives and 15 premieres. The charismatic Phil Spencer kept his word and it was a stellar show. Plus, we were told how 5 studios are becoming part of the Microsoft family. There was chat about how Fast Start will allow us to play our games quicker. Even a tease about the next Xbox. Then the finale' which is all everyone will talk about. Great show. You can check out the highlights below. Halo Infinite Powered by the Slipspace Engine. Jono is crying right now. Ori and the Will of the Wisps More incredible Metroidvania action. Play the first if you haven't. SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice Japanese Dark Souls by FROM SOFTWARE. It's not Bloodborne 2 as Ben was hoping, but his reaction was priceless all the same. Fallout 76 Todd Howard was on stage to show off Fallout 76, as well as an AVAILABLE NOW moment in Fallout 4 being available on Xbox Game Pass. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Very distinct Life is Strange style, a very cool looking game set in the imagination of a young boy. Plus, FOR FREE. June 26. Crackdown 3 Terry…

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EA kick off E3 2018 EA once again kicked off E3 with the EA 2018 Press Conference. It started off with a cool augmented reality Anthem intro and had many expected games shown, with some surprises thrown in, including cloud gaming running on multiple devices and Origin Access Premier, with everything EA coming to the subscription service. Plus an awesome AVAILABLE NOW moment with the reveal and simultaneous release of Unravel Two (AKA: Yarny and Blue Yarny Adventure). You can check out the highlights below. Battlefield V Big talk about game-play innovations and customisation. The destruction looks epic. Oh, and no loot boxes and no premium pass. Is EA making this game still? And one more thing... Royale (it took way less time than I thought to hear about a game including a Battle Royale mode). FIFA 19 With the World Cup a week away, I can't help but be extra pumped for this. Not only was there a look at FIFA 19, but there was also a look at the current FIFA 18 World Cup mode, with a free trial of the game AVAILABLE NOW (I love this sort of thing at E3!). Champions League is the big push for FIFA 19. The trophy was on stage, a nice touch for super fans. Origin Access Premier Not a game, but all…

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Games with Gold, PlayStation Plus, Humble Bundle and more So the Games on the Cheap for June 2018 is probably the weakest month we've had in ages. Sure, there are some great games on the list (I'm looking at you XCOM 2) and a massive ARMA Humble Bundle for those who haven't bought it and want to get into it, but most of the games are quite a bit older, with some of the best being those that personally I've bought for a few dollars when they've been on sale in the past. Oh well, here I am complaining about getting MORE games to play :) Seriously though, super hanging out to play XCOM 2 after hearing Jono and Jase rave about it on many a VERSUS PLAYER podcast. Also, any month we get a LEGO game to add to the collection is a good month in my books. I never played the second Indy game in the series, so looking forward to getting my Crystal Skull on. Finally, Trials Fusion is an amazing game. Get it, play it, git gud, then go watch some YouTube videos and see how bad you are compared to some people out there. Seriously, I could try this stage below everyday and not get close to finishing it. Here are the GAMES ON THE CHEAP for June 2018 Xbox Games With Gold Out…

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