Parent gaming considerations for Nier: Automata

Being a gamer with kids, gaming time is limited. So when I can pop something on when the kids are around I always need to make sure it is something that is appropriate. Sometimes there are games that on the surface are not suitable for kids, but are fine if played in a certain way (like GTA V).

Here I’ll be giving my considerations and concessions for the unique fun action game, Nier: Automata. While I’ll not be spoiling anything directly, if you read on you will get an idea of certain directions the game takes.

Nier Automata
Hiya fellas

1st consideration: Fashion show(off)

The first thing I’ll say is be aware of 2B’s character design, specifically her dress. The game is nothing like Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 1 and 2 (amazing games, but definitely not suitable to play in front of the kids), but if you think what 2B is wearing is too revealing for your little ones to see, there really isn’t anything much you can do to limit what is shown.

Nier Automata
Strike a pose, there’s nothing (much) to it

Concession 2: Do not fight any humanoid characters

Most of the time you spend in Nier: Automata you’ll be battling robots of different shapes and sizes. It’s usually very clear when you’re about to face a humanoid character. Do not do this in front of the kids.

This concession is doubly important when there are cutscenes after you fight a humanoid character. These cutscenes are the reason the game has its mature rating! In my opinion the game really could be rated lower if it wasn’t for about three specific scenes that all took place during cutscenes with humanoid characters.

Nier Automata
If they look like us, do not engage!

Concession 3: Stick to the early to mid game

It takes quite a while before anything happens that deserves an adult rating. Towards the end of Nier: Automata the themes of the story take quite a dark turn. Non playable characters will be saying some things which, while not rude, can be confronting for a little guy or girl. Sure, you can put subtitles on, but by this point in the game you’ll be too invested to want to break from the immersion.

Nier Automata
Things get cray cray

The way to play

Nier: Automata is a tough one when it comes to gaming in front of the kids. If it wasn’t for the humanoid character battles and the themes surrounding the world and its characters, by just sticking to exploring the world and fighting the cute robots, the game is fine to play in front of kids (as long as you don’t mind what 2B is wearing).

The fact is though, you’ll want to go from mission to mission. While the vast majority of missions are perfectly fine and very PGish, if you fall down the rabbit hole with this game like I did you’ll want to not have to pause the game during the many cutscenes with the worry that something will be shown that’s not for kids.

While not relevant to this article, I need to throw out how amazing the Nier: Automata soundtrack is! Very Ghost in the Shell!

Oh, and do yourself a favour and play the game again (and again) once you’ve completed it. This is no “new game plus” mode… trust me!

Nier Automata
It’s possible… but it’s a better experience if you don’t

Heads up!

CAN I PLAY IN FRONT OF THE KIDS? will be a semi-regular series on VERSUS PLAYER. The hope is to give those parent gamers out there a bit of a heads up on ways to play some of the more mature games in ways that are kids friendly. Either that or I suggest you to steer clear!

One of the first posts I ever put up on VERSUS PLAYER was CAN I PLAY GTA V IN FRONT OF MY KIDS? If you liked this you might want to check it out.

As always, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below or email me at

Happy gaming (and parenting)!


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