Can I play Doom Eternal in Front of my kids?

The startup screen is fine. At the moment there is even a little picture of the Doomguy in a unicorn outfit as part of a Twitch Prime promotion. Kids love unicorns.

Beyond this point the answer is an obvious NO.

Seriously, did you come here expecting a different answer?

You don’t want your kids to see what happens next (they probably do though).

Heads up!

CAN I PLAY IN FRONT OF THE KIDS?  was a semi-regular series on VERSUS PLAYER (who knows, it might be again!?). The hope is to give those parent gamers out there a bit of a heads up on ways to play some of the more mature games in ways that are kids friendly. Either that or I suggest you to steer clear like I have here!

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As always, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below or over on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy gaming (and parenting)!

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