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On episode 8 of our VERSUS PLAYER podcastNo Thank You RE7 and GG Good Game, we spoke about a video that had us in stitches that we had just been watching. It was the hilarious Bad Lip Reading gem, Seagulls Stop it Now.

Surely you have heard of Bad Lip Reading. They have an incredibly successful YouTube channel with close to 800 million subscribers. They take snippets from movies and clips of people talking at real events (sport, politics, etc) and add new dialogue that matches the lip movements of the people (or creatures in this case) speaking.

Most of the Bad Lip Reading videos are short cuts of different people or parts of an event that lend themselves well to funny dialogue. There are also some songs, with our favourite being Seagulls Stop it Now, that you can watch here:

There are also two other Star Wars themed songs, Bushes of Love and Not the Future.

Seagulls Stop it Now was featured in The Empire Strikes Back: A Bad Lip Reading, which you can watch below:

Here at VERSUS PLAYER we love everything nerdy and want to share with you some of our favourite things on the Internet. Best of the Web is an ongoing series where we do exactly that.

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