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From time to time we’ll talk about a bargain on our VERSUS PLAYER podcast or we’ll post an article on a great deal on video games or consoles in Australia. Quite often we get this information from OzBargain.

OzBargain is you, the community of on-line shoppers in Australia. This is the place where we share the best bargains in Australia and share them with each other. Our goal is simple – bringing the best deals and bargains in Australia to consumers.

One of the great things about OzBargain is that it’s community driven. If fellow Aussies see a bargain online or instore, they jump on and let their fellow deal hunters know.

The deals we at VERSUS PLAYER mostly check out are Gaming and Toys & Kids. I personally have the posts on OzBargain to thank for the vast majority of my Lego collection.

You can follow OzBargain on Facebook and Twitter to get updates delivered to your feed. You can also subscribe on their website.

Sweet PS4 deals

Here at VERSUS PLAYER we love everything nerdy and want to share with you some of our favourite things on the Internet. Best of the Web is an ongoing series where we do exactly that.

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Happy gaming!

2 thoughts on “BEST OF THE WEB: OZBARGAIN”

    1. Hi Alex, we’re just linking great game related deals back to OzBargain for some of our readers who might not frequent the site as much as we do. If we find any excellent brand new deals that aren’t on the site we will certainly share on OzBargain first.

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