Best of the Web: Mineralblu

Best of the Web: Mineralblu

*Featured image by Mineralblu, featuring Jessica Nigri.

Mineralblu: “Traveling the world in search of cool things”

Mineralblu creates super stylish YouTube videos that show off incredible cosplay from some of the world’s biggest conventions.

If you have never been to a convention like Comic-Con or one of the many manga-centric conventions, Mineralblu’s videos will open your eyes to the incredibly talented world of cosplay. If you frequent the convention scene and/or are a fan of cosplay, these videos are a must see.

You can see more of Mineralblu’s work at the official website, on Facebook and Instagram. You can find Jessica Nigri all over the Internet, including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. All definitely worth checking out.

You can check out a Supercut of some of Mineralblu’s convention videos below.

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Happy gaming (and cosplaying)!