Best of the Web: Destiny 2 Dance Trailer

Freestyle Playground

I’m all about Destiny 2 at the moment. The shooting is super tight, the Fireteam play is incredibly fun, the score is amazing, the story is interesting and every little niggling thing from the first game has been addressed and then some.

Then there is the silly social elements of the game that I love, particularly the dancing. I have spent way too much time my time wisely dancing away.

As much as I love the dancing in Destiny 2, I love the live action dance trailer from PlayStation Japan even more. It might seem like a bonkers way to advertise a game, but it pretty much sums it up perfectly. Check it out here:

Here at VERSUS PLAYER we love everything nerdy and want to share with you some of our favourite things on the Internet. Best of the Web is an ongoing series where we do exactly that.

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Happy gaming!

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