Movies retold in old school gaming style

8-Bit Cinema by CineFix are amongst my favourite things on YouTube and I have no idea why it has taken me so long to put it up as a Best of the Web pick!

The 8-Bit Cinema clips are:

Your favo(u)rite movies retold as old school NES/SNES/arcade games.


These clips are done with so much love, care and fun fan-service attention to detail. A whole heap of films have been covered by the geniuses over at CineFix, including:

The Star Wars Original Trilogy,

Army of Darkness,

Jurassic Park,

Spirited Away,

…and even things like Mean Girls!

You can’t go wrong

Seriously, there is a huge list of movies on offer (68 at the time of writing). This is definitely one channel you’ll want to subscribe to if you haven’t already.

Here at VERSUS PLAYER we love everything nerdy and want to share with you some of our favourite things on the Internet. Best of the Web is an ongoing series where we do exactly that. I’m totally aware that this Best of the Web pick, like many of the others, is probably nothing new, but you can’t have a “best of” list without 8-Bit Cinema on it!

If you liked this you might want to check out one of our previous Best of the Web picks, James FarrJames Farr makes incredibly stylish YouTube videos that cross Nintendo characters with pop culture franchises. These include Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and TMNT.

Happy gaming!


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