Live out your haxor fantasy with GeekTyper

GeekTyper is what I love about the Internet. It’s a browser based hacking simulator that you can use to make it seem like you are a programmer hacking into a computer system. It’s pretty much like you see in TV and movies.

While it’s not something you’ll spend too much time mucking around with on your own, the fun really is in tricking family, friends and strangers. Pop it in full screen mode at the local library and freak everyone out (you probably shouldn’t do that).

There are a whole bunch of themes you can set, including SHIELD, Umbrella Corp, Aperture Science, Black Mesa, the Matrix, NASA, Anonymous, Microsoft Word, HE-MAN and more.

I’ve got this Desmond

You can check out GeekTyper here. You too can have mad two person on one keyboard haxor skillz, just like the crew in NCIS:

If my recommendation isn’t enough for you, how about one from the D O double G himself.

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Happy gaming (and haxoring)!

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