Join Jono, Joe, and Jase as they enter the Endgame. This week's podcast spoils all things Avengers: Endgame. If you haven't seen it then I'm not really sure why you're listening to this? I suppose you might not be really into Marvel films but then why listen to a podcast about it? Seriously, have a good long think about what kind of person you are. It just doesn't make sense that you would even listen to this unless you like being spoiled about stuff you don't like and you also like a movie described to you instead of experiencing it on the big screen with all the special effects and stuff. Look, do what you wanna do I just don't think it's a great idea, but what do I know? The answer is a lot, I know a lot because I've seen the film unlike you, you sad strange little man...or woman. Please listen to me. I love you.

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45: GOTY 2018

Join Jono, Joe, Jase, Jenn and Ben as we discuss our 2018 Game of the Year. We ask our listeners to join in with their opinions on last years GOTY while attempting to come up with a unanimous decision at the end which rarely happens. Also just a quick heads up that this podcast will include spoilers for quite a few games so stay vigilant! VERSUS PLAYER is completely unscripted and is not filmed live in front of a television audience.

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Happy Birthday Jono! I'm typing this up super quickly because I've moved the website to a new location and have run into a whole bunch of complications getting the podcast working! In fact this is maybe the 10th time I've written something in this box knowing deep down that it will most likely get deleted again because I put the wrong file in the wrong space. A smarter man would just copy and paste this and save it somewhere but it's me we're talking about. Anyway we talk about a bunch of stuff, it's pretty good so have a listen or don't, I'm not your mum. Also, Matt Makes Games.  

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Jenn and Jase discuss Behemoth, Dream Matches, Autumn Festivals and the Monster Hunter movie. We also record our first ever podcast for YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o95L9_-ZRDU Monster Hunter with Jenn and Jase Check it out!

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Join Joe and Jase as they discuss Spider-Man games, movies and how horrible MJ is to her boyfriends. Meanwhile Jono is on a super secret special assignment that we can't discuss because as I said it's super secret. 

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Join Jono, Joe and Jase as they discuss Into The Breach magically appearing on the Switch and our favourite portable console being the new home of many indie greats. We also briefly celebrate our resurrection after a certain podcaster accidentally deleted VERSUS PLAYER from internet existence.

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Jono and Jase are back with Joe this week as we discuss pre-E3 predictions and positives. We discuss State of Decay 2 and Detroit: Become Human meanwhile Jase tries to track a clandestine Jono hiding in the murky green mists of Xbox Live. Don't forget to tune in next week for our post E3 podcast extravaganza.

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